America vs Oligarchy


Ireland & America Vs. The New Venetian Empire

Ever since as early as 1689, when both the citizens of Massachusetts Bay and of Ireland waged parallel and simultaneous revolutions against William of Orange and his "New Venetian Empire", Irish and Americans have found ourselves in solidarity in an unbroken struggle which continues to the present day. The long arm of this history is now acting to shape the present. (see article Ireland and America 1688 vs. the New Venetian Empire)


To Conserve Man

"Have you ever flown across the United States on a transcontinental flight? Did you notice that west of the Mississippi the population centers became sparser and sparser and the land more barren? You probably thought that that was natural. It's not. Here we reveal when, where and why the idea of Conservationism became a part of the American political mind. And why it is not the love of nature and the great outdoors that unifies environmentalists."

'Ecosystems' - A Genocidal Fraud

The Citizen's Electoral Council of Australia's unique expose of "British Ecological Society" founder Sir Arthur Tansley, and the origins of the phony "science" of ecology aimed at recruiting the western world to a policy of mass extermination. 


Who We Fight: The Complete Series

The compilation of the entire LaRouchePAC Who We Fight  mini-series, an illustration of the operations of the British Empire against the United States, in the period of 1941-1968.


Treason in America: Barack Obama

"A fascist coup is under way. The same forces that sought to overthrow the Presidency of Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930's, is the same behind President Barack Obama. Unlike Roosevelt, the enemy is safeguarded by Obama. Civilization's survival depends upon the overhaul of Obama's coup now."