Anton Chaitkin


Anton Chaitkin



John F. Kenned y vs. The Empire - The real reasons why JFK was assassinated, and how we defeat the perpetrators today.




The American Industrial Revolution That Andrew Jackson Sought To Destroy

Chatkin blows apart the populist myth of Andrew Jackson and lays out how America was actually built by a revival of Hamilton's National Bank in the beginning of the 19th century.


The Landbridge: Henry Carey's  Global Development Program

Coming out of the Civil War, American patriots and their international collaborators conspire to create global rail and other development projects to finish off the British Empire.  ( EIR  May 2, 1997)

Also, see video The Historic Roots of the Eurasian Landbridge-Part 1  Part 2 


Why the British Kill American Presidents What every patriotic American counter-intelligence operative must know





Leibniz, Gauss Shaped America's Science Successes Originally published in February 2006 in EIR on how the United States became a World-Class power. Should be read in conjunction with "The Leibniz Revolution in America" (below).



 The American Prometheus: Who Made the United States a Great Power 
A three-part series from 1986, originally published in New Solidarity



Mission to Asia: Report on Dan Beach Bradley and the American Missionary *
An unpublished blockbuster report on the American patriot who opened up Thailand. (* This unpublished document is for personal use only--please DO NOT reproduce or publish it without the consent of the author--RW)


A Century of Catastrophe: Wall Street vs the Lincoln Legacy   *  The introduction and first two chapters of a never published book on the attempted obliteration of the American System from the planet by its historic enemies at the dawn of the 20th century. (* Unpublished document for personal use only-- DO NOT reproduce or publish it without the consent of the author--RW)