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Manhattan’s Struggle for Human Freedom Against The Slave Power of Virginia Axiom buster paper by Bob Ingraham on the New York-based patriots' conspiracy to create and maintain the American Republic; the true "Manhattan Project."



The Leibniz Revolution in America 1727-1752  A more in-depth look at how the circles of Leibniz created the American Republic, by Phil Valenti.





Ireland and America 1688 vs. the New Venetian Empire Matthew Ogden reports on the joint operations of American and Irish patriots against the "Venetian Party" Brits in 1688.



With Government Public Credit out of the Crisis: The Historic Precedent of the American Colonies * 

An unpublished report by Roger Moore on the American Colonies' century-long battle to establish Public Credit, from Winthrop to Mather, to Ben Franklin. (* This unpublished document is for personal use only--please DO NOT reproduce or publish it without the consent of the author--RW)


The American Revolution in Irelan d: Franklin's Irish Front

Matthew Ogden reports on Irish and American patriots' joint war against the British Empire.




Canada: Republic or Colony? A totally unique overview of the actual historic battle by Canadian patriots to establish a Republic of Canada. Compiled by the Committee for the Republic of Canada.




The Treachery of Thomas Jefferson By Donald Phau, from a 1980 edition of the The Campaigner magazine.





Alexander Ha milton’s National Banking System of Public Credit Excellent overview by Michael Kirsch, from LaRouchePAC's NAWAPA XXI special report. 




Hamilton's Singular Genius vs. Wall Street's Rage - "Hamilton's National Bank opened for business on July 4, 1791, in New York City. Wall Street was fashioned on March 21, 1792.Therein lies a story." By David Shavin.


The Credit System versus Speculation: Nicholas Biddle and the Second Bank of the United States Michael Kirsch reviews the full history of how the Second Bank of the United States created the greatest period of economic growth in our history up to that time. 



West Point and the Tradition of the Army Corps of Engineers Pam Lowry recounts how the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, modeled on France's Ecole Polytechnique, became America's greatest scientific and technological institution, and the command center for building the nation.



The Purloined Poe Jeffrey Steinberg's analysis of the real Edgar Allen Poe, part of America's eraly 19th century patriotic intelligence network.




The U.S.-Russian Entente That Saved the Union How Russia played a critical strategic role in the Union victory over the British-inspired Confederate insurrection to destroy the American Republic, from a 1978 edition of The Campaigner magazine.



Mr. Smith goes to Tokyo & the National Bank of Japan The story of E. Peshine Smith and the American System in Japan. Excerpt from a book-length unpublished manuscript by Mark Calney entitled Japan’s Historic Mission: Completing Fukuzawa’s Revolution – The Forgotten History of Japan and the American System, courtesy of EIR's Japanese website.



Sun Yat-sen's Lega cy and the American Revolution A culimnation of the work of Mark Calney and Bob Wesser by the editors of EIR on the extraordinary work of Dr. Sun Yat-sen and his undying committment to bring the principles of the American Revolution to China.




Thomas Alva Edison: The Scientist Who Created the Electric Light and Power Industry - From the July-August 1983 issue of Fusion magazine.




One Hundred Years Later: Re-open the McKinley Assassination! *

An unpublished report by Lance Rosen on the oligarchy's "Murder, Inc." operation at the turn of the 20th century. (Can be read in conjunction with Chaitkin's "The Century of Catastrophe" and "Why the British Kill American Presidents" above.) (* Unpublished document for personal use only--please DO NOT reproduce or publish it without the consent of the author--RW)


War Plan Red: When the American Military Understood the British Empire - The U.S. Military's 20th century war plans against the British Empire.




MacArthur’s Victory at Inchon: Defeating the British Empire Against the advice of virtually everyone, including the Joint Chiefs, MacArthur carried out a surprise attack at Inchon harbor, which Admiral Halsey later termed, “the most masterly and audacious strategic course in all history.” 


How the West Was Lost: The Conspiracy to Destroy German Culture in America  From the 1984 Schiller Institute book Rescue the Western Alliance.