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How America Was Built



What is a Landbridge “Development Corridor?” The Historic Case of the New York New Jersey-Pennsylvania Corridor 

Using the example of New Jersey and the Morris Canal, it becomes very clear that the development corridor generates the towns and cities and their unique functions and identity.



 HOW THE NATION WAS BUILT: The Case of Paterson and northern New Jersey    A report on Paterson, New Jersey and the Society for the Promotion of Useful Manufacturers







America's Manifest Destiny:

The United States and China

America's Manifest Destiny: The Creation of Modern China




The American Roots of the Republic of China






Lyndon LaRouche, Sun Yatsen and a new Chinese-American Partnership





Walter Lowrie and American Operations in China in the 1840s (unpublished report)





Homer Lea, Sun Yat-sen and the Chinese Revolution (unpublished report)





Yung Wing My Life in China and America (unpublished report)







David Abeel and the ABCFM in China






PDF facsimiles of Articles published in The New Federalist

What is a Landbridge "Development Corridor?" The Historic Case of the New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania Corridor




Lyndon LaRouche, Sun Yat-sen and a New Chinese-American Partnership





America’s Manifest Destiny:The Creation of a Modern China