Welcome to "My Favorite Historic Maps" page. 

Here, you will find high resolution historic maps 

with entirely legible details. Enjoy!

(although these maps are taken from a variety of sources, including my own photography, the best source, by far, is the

 Library of Congress's "American Memory Maps Collection")



New York City and New Jersey

New York 1639-an extraordinary map with a legend of all of the residences, etc., in Dutch (5000 x 3300)



Lower Manhattan 1776 - see what the City looked like at the time of the Revolution (4360 x 3360)



Bergen County, New Jersey 1776-83 great map, especially if you live in or drive around Bergen County--see where you actually are in history! (2460 x 3472)



Paterson 183(3133 x 3770)




Morris Canal - Great blueprint style map from 1921 showing the route of the canal (2445 x 1638)



Morris Canal Today wonderful map, because in super-imposes the canal route on a modern map so you can actually find out what's left of it today (5552 x 2200)


Delaware and Raritan Canal the entire canal route, made from an 1866 geological map (2998 x 2014)


Battle Maps

Battle of Gettysburg here's the old version of the USMA's Battle of Gettysburg series, indispensable to study if you plan on going there. 

Map 1     Map 2     Map 3     Map 4     Map 5     Map 6



NOTE: USMA Historical Military Atlas is back on line, and with new, pdf maps!




Lewis and Clark Expedition Route- an extraordinarily detailed map of the expedition after William Clark's 1804 original. Awesome! (4571 x 2071)