Books and Memoirs


Books and Memoirs


The Papers and Writings of Abraham Lincoln


1-through April 14, 1843

2-May 18, 1843 - Feb 7, 1868

3-June 17, 1858 - Sept 15, 1858 - Lincoln-Douglas Debates 1

4-Sept 18, 1858 - Oct 15, 1858 - Lincoln-Douglas Debates 2

5-June 19, 1858 - May 10, 1862

6-May 14, 1862 - Oct 26, 1863

7-Oct 27, 1863 - April 14, 1865





Memoirs of General W. T. Sherman

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Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant

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My Bondage and My Freedom

The Autobiography of Frederick Douglass

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The Olive Branch: or, Faults on both sides, Federal and Democratic

by Mathew Carey

The 1814 book that saved the Republic



Memoir of the Life of John Quincy Adams

 by Josiah Quincy (1858)

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Mark Claney's groundbreaking work on the great Scottish republican poet Robert Burns and his emergence from the global American Revolutionary networks of Benjamin Franklin


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Elliot Roosevelt's unique account of FDR's wartime conferences, and his showdown with Winston Churchill on the organization of the post-war world 

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How the British Empire's "New Dark Age" faction plotted to plunge the 20th Century into perpetual war and destroy the influence of the American Republic

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An excellent overview of how the enemy opium-slavery system of British "Free Trade" economics was brought into the United States

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Kindle and PDF versions of LaRouche books including Dope, Inc., Treason in America and How the Nation Was Won are available HERE for purchase.