Links and Resources

Here are the links to some of my favorite sites, resources and books, all of which I have found useful over the years. Obviously, in today's internet world, there are many more (especially under the "Books" category), including new ones that I haven't even discovered yet! If you find anything of special interest, let me know.




AMDOCS American Historical Documents-This is a tremendous reference site containing links to the texts hundreds of American historical documents. If it's not totally obscure, you'll find it here. Also, they have alot of pre-Revolutionary War material. 


Library of Congress American Memory resource site-The LOC has really gone out of it's way over the recent years to provide the public online access to original maps, photos, written works, etc. which you used to have to travel all the way to Washington D.C. to see. The map section is phenomenal: super high-res images available to download, and all original maps! A big step up from the LOC's site of 15 years ago, which was little more than an online card catalog. 


 Historical Marker Data Base  This is a wonderful site with historical markers listed for all 50 states, plotted onto Google Maps for convenience. The New Jersey section is quite extensive. 


American  Almanac: The only place on the web where you can find an extensive archive of blockbuster historical research articles, most originally published over the years in the New Solidarity and New Federalist weekly newspapers. The site also includes many links to original documents referenced in the various articles.



Historic Paterson


The Paterson Museum - their recently upgraded website, with videos and museum info

Paterson Raceway Drawings- this is the HAER high resolution  drawing of the raceway plans of Paterson 

Paterson Great Falls website - a great resource with various articles on the history of Paterson


"History of Paterson and its environs"-This is a Google Books version of Volume 1 if the 1920 Shriner work on Paterson's history. It has a nice little section on Hamilton's Society for the Promotion of Useful Manufactures.



The American Revolution

Crossroads of the American Revolution in New Jersey  PDF (1.5mb) 
A must read if you're interested in the American Revolution and live anywhere near New Jersey. Produced in 2002 by the U.S. Department of the Interior, this is an extraordinary 100+ page booklet with maps, images, informative text and a listing of historic sites in the state known as the "Crossroads of the Revolution."

Bergen County Historical Society -highlighting Bergen County during the American Revolution




Canals and Railroads

  • Canal Society of New Jersey-excellent reference site for the Morris and Delaware-Raritan Canals. Lots of maps, original photos of all the Morris locks and inclined planes, etc.
  • The Erie Canal -the "official" Erie Canal website
  • Railroad Maps 1828-1900 - The Library of Congress' digitalized collection of original railroad maps which you can either view on the site, or download as super-high resolution images in jp2 and MrSID formats (these will open in most image viewers and editors, but you can also download the MrSID viewer from the LOC site if necessary). Browse by Geographic index, Subject index, etc. Fantastic!