Classes and Lectures - video archives


LaRouche organizer and historian Mark Calney lays out the "American Patriot History Project" (Los Angeles - 10/27/07)


"...the man o'independent mind, he looks an' laughs at a' that."


In Memoriam: Mark Alan Calney - September 5, 1950 - February 15, 2012


Robert Ingraham on Manhattan's Struggle for Human Freedom Against the Slave Power of Virginia


FDR - Anton Chaitkin reveals new material on FDR following a four day research trip to Hyde Park.




The American Credit System vs The British Empire: 1650-1796 Under the broader theme of the American Credit System vs the British Empire, Michael Kirsch of LaRouchePAC presents the development of the American Credit System beginning with John Winthrop Jr.'s Credit Bank concept, through to Alexander Hamilton's foundation of the Constitutional Credit System.


JFK vs. EmpireHistorian Anton Chaitkin discusses new discoveries on who Kennedy was, what he fought for; who we were as a nation, and where we were headed when he was shot.New York City, October 19th 2013.



The Historic Roots of the Eurasian Landbridge-Part 1-Anton Chaitkin's presentation on American Nationalists' post Civil War strategy to wipe out the British empire with global economic development. From an FDRPAC forum, May 1997.

Part 2-This is the section with Chaitkin's slide show on the 1876 Centennial exposition in Philadelphia.


The American Paradigm Needed for Survival - Anton Chaitkin's class on "Who We Were: America Before the British Coup" Part 1: Franklin Roosevelt, The character of the British coup; Part 2: John F Kennedy, JFK's allies-Mattei and Nkrumah, Atomic action, The killer teams; Part 3: Questions and Answers

America's Manifest Destiny - Anton Chaitkin's presentation on America's strategic thrust toward a Pacific centered world given in the NJ HSDI office on 12-27-2009 (note: the video is poor, but the content is great!!)

Sun Yat-sen: A True American Spirit -  Leni Rubinstein shows that the founding principles behind the formation of the United States are evident in the ancient culture of China. Address to the Grand Pacific Alliance Conference in San Francisco.
John Quincy Adam s Part 1 - Leni Rubinstein details the American Patriot whose entire life was consumed with one mission: to create and perpetuate the American Republic.

The Trans-Pacific Alliance: The United States and China Past, Present, and Future - Bob Wesser's October 8, 2011 NYC class commemorating the 100th aniversary of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's 1911 Republican Revolution.



 The Role of Paterson, New Jersey in Universal History Bob Wesser's presentation from the Diane Sare meeting at the Paterson, N.J. Museum. How Alexander Hamilton created America's first industrial city.


Diane Sare: Alexander Hamilton, Glass-Steagall and the Question of Economic Value. Diane Sare's presentation at the Paterson Museum Town Hall Meeting on May 16, 2011 on the genius of Hamilton's conception of credit, and its necessity today with LaRouche's policy of a Glass-Steagall credit system.


The Ghost of Alexander Hamilton: Bob Wesser's presentation from a class on the history of the 500 year battle to establish a credit system vs. the oligarchical principle. This section emphasizes the New York City and Wall Street as the global center for Hamilton's creation of the American System, NOT a center of the financial oligarchy!


Continuing the American Revolution: The issue of America's True Manifest Destiny. Bob Wesser's July 2008 PowerPoint on the history of American patriots' global drive to secure the Declaration of Independence for the entire planet. Special emphasis is on China. (note: poor sound quality, but totally fascinating content)


The American System in Canada - Matthew Ehret-Kump investigates the roots of two key inflection moments: Abraham Lincoln's struggle to maintain the union and his Canadian allies who fought to unify the continent behind a universal conception of sovereign development; and the post WW2 struggle to unify the continent centered around the North American Water and Power Alliance, via the leadership of John F Kennedy alongside leading Canadian allies of NAWAPA.


James Fenimore CooperStephanie Nelson's class on James Fenimore Cooper and the American patriots' establishment of an intelligence organization to defend the nation.



The Bush Family Fascist Legacy - Diane Sare details how, over many generations stretching back to their alliance with Hitler before World War II, the Bush family has represented a legacy of fascism, in alliance with the enemies of the United States, which continues to persist, still to this day.